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media monarchy 203b

media monarchy episode203b

multimedia b-side of episode203 from ustream.tvthinking about it too hard, shouldn’t take this too far or i’ll end up in cairo” on the multimedia b-side of episode203 from media monarchy w/ all the latest alternative news from new world next week, corbett report & ground zero + fake food future on food world order – bunkers, cults & pop occulture on holy hexes – sats, shuttles & surgical robots on cyber/space\war – computer cairo music from hot hot heat & the streets and much more…



media monarchy episode203

“take your greatest fear, your most paranoid suspicion, your darkest nightmare & multiply it by x” on episode203 of media monarchy w/ winning the future & the fate of the union – davos elites, red terror & transgressions – birthers, bombs & oscar noms – starring: webster tarpley, peter defazio, ron paul, joe manchin, neil abercrombie, ban ki-moon and jack lalanne as ‘the fitness guru’ + the newspurge, future music from moz and more… 


media monarchy 202

media monarchy episode202

“you and me and the war of the end times” on episode202 of media monarchy w/ hu’s on first, most favored nation & a glimpse of the future – hollywood (sp)ending & media/memes – ‘freeway’ ricky ross, reagan/bush & the drugwar – the newspurge, the contrived treebomber plot & the dream of portlandia + calamity music from the decemberists and so much more…

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media monarchy episode201b

multimedia b-side of episode201b from

and now it’s in the air, spreading everywhere, so you should be prepared” on this multimedia b-side of episode201 from media monarchy w/ all the latest alt news from new world next week, corbett report & ground zero + pizza bailouts & honey laundering on food world order – firms, foes & vulnerable volts on cyber/space\war – infectious music from n*e*r*d* and more… 

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media monarchy 201

media monarchy episode201

“he didn’t listen to political radio” on episode201 of media monarchy w/ arizona assassinations & the left/right griefapalooza – toxic towers, teachable moments & miraculous events – police state int’l & geopolitikal mayhem – insolvent income, a good, clean newspurge & the great game + mac-10 music from emergency broadcast network and tons more…

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media monarchy episode200b

try psychoactive drugs” on the b-side to episode200 from media monarchy w/ all the latest alternative news from new world next week & ground zero – doublethink´╗┐ disconnect & identity ecosystems in the cyber/space\war – human cheese & unwanted health effects on food world order + uncut music from emergency broadcast network and much more…

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media monarchy 200

media monarchy episode200

“the thought police would get him just the same” on the long-awaited 200th episode of media monarchy featuring mass animal die-off’s & the murder of john wheeler – newspurge warnings w/ all the latest alternative media & open source intelligence + an in-studio interview w/ an old friend of media monarchy, collateral canary music from muse & the police and tons more…

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media monarchy 199b

new year’s eve audio/video special episode199b

we may have been born yesterday, friends, but we stayed up all nightepisode199b of media monarchy –a special new year’s eve audio/video special edition w/ the all latest alternative news from new world next week, corbett report, peace revolution & ground zero – top threats & the cloud in the cyber/space\war – prices, crisis & predictions on food world order + new year’s knowledge from el-p and so much more…

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media monarchy 199

media monarchy episode199 w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money’

“it’s the true believers that crash & burn” on the 199th episode of media monarchy w/ black magic money, mercury fillings & serial killings – newspurge suicides & deathbed conversions + an in-studio interview w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money & the “connections between economics & ghastly rituals from the past that include child sacrifice, eating human flesh & bathing in blood” – salary sounds by jarvis cocker & the andrews sisters and so much more…

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media monarchy episode198b


history got even & it all worked out the best” on episode198b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news from corbett report & ground zero – manufactured dissent & strategic partnersnitch in the cyber/space\war – bankruptcy & shopping guides on food world order + judas music from !!! and tons more…

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