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media monarchy 203

media monarchy episode203

“take your greatest fear, your most paranoid suspicion, your darkest nightmare & multiply it by x” on episode203 of media monarchy w/ winning the future & the fate of the union – davos elites, red terror & transgressions – birthers, bombs & oscar noms – starring: webster tarpley, peter defazio, ron paul, joe manchin, neil abercrombie, ban ki-moon and jack lalanne as ‘the fitness guru’ + the newspurge, future music from moz and more… 



media monarchy 200

media monarchy episode200

“the thought police would get him just the same” on the long-awaited 200th episode of media monarchy featuring mass animal die-off’s & the murder of john wheeler – newspurge warnings w/ all the latest alternative media & open source intelligence + an in-studio interview w/ an old friend of media monarchy, collateral canary music from muse & the police and tons more…

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media monarchy 199

media monarchy episode199 w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money’

“it’s the true believers that crash & burn” on the 199th episode of media monarchy w/ black magic money, mercury fillings & serial killings – newspurge suicides & deathbed conversions + an in-studio interview w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money & the “connections between economics & ghastly rituals from the past that include child sacrifice, eating human flesh & bathing in blood” – salary sounds by jarvis cocker & the andrews sisters and so much more…

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media monarchy episode198b


history got even & it all worked out the best” on episode198b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news from corbett report & ground zero – manufactured dissent & strategic partnersnitch in the cyber/space\war – bankruptcy & shopping guides on food world order + judas music from !!! and tons more…

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media monarchy 198

media monarchy episode198

“you can pull the trigger or you can build an ark” on episode198 of media monarchy featuring ‘dr. assange-love, or how i learned to stop worrying & love wikileaks’ – problem, reaction, solution, police state updates & the dhs psa’s – supernotes & funny money – a noah’s ark newspurge w/ a keen sword of controversy + the unabomber & barbie, dance & decision music from janelle monáe w/ saul williams & the smiths plus so much more… 

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media monarchy episode197b
it’s more fun to compute” on episode197b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news from corbett report, peace revolution & ground zero – hacktivism & an i9/11 on cyber/space\war – botox apples & merck muppets of the food world order + computornado music from kraftwerk & the tornados and much more…
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media monarchy 197

media monarchy episode197

“this threat was very real, but at no point was the public ever in danger” on episode197 of media monarchy where you can watch us explode w/ the portland patsy treebomber & homegrown error – color-coded propaganda & cablegate updates – an econocrash newspurge w/ picasso, oswald’s coffin & the chasen case + wonder music from polyphonic spree & black heart procession and tons more… 

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media monarchy episode196b


any and all records and information relating directly or indirectly to any and all ongoing and future transactions or events relating to any and all of the following” on episode196b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news & open-source intelligence on cablegate, arsenic & the emp threat on cyber/space\war – waterwars, seafood & the rigged game of the food world order + cyber/food music from robert mirabal & the rudies and tons more… 


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media monarchy episode196

media monarchy episode196 w/ harry sweeney of proparanoidpress.com


“the elite bleat, they’re obsolete” on episode196 of media monarchy w/ black friday & the national ransom newspurge – holiday in america, grand chessboard tension & the anniversary of an american coup + our in-studio guest, security expert & author, h. michael sweeney of proparanoid press joins us to talk tsa, targeted individuals & the brave new world order – featuring armageddon music from our guest, ransom music from elvis costello and so much more… 

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media monarchy episode195b

the newscaster says ‘the enemy is among us!’” on episode195b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news from corbett report & ground zero – coica, cable dump & initial missions on cyber/space\war – giving thanks for food world order + hunting holiday music from bloc party & the pixies and so much more… 

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