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Believers Beware


It’s all collages and we’re all DEVO. We return to the DEVOtional to exploit the live recordings (and studio Cds) of the many bands and weirdos influenced by DEVO — interspersed with earbone-wrenching collages from several newer contributors. We think SubGenii will enjoy the non-DEVO covers by new bands like Nervous Energy, FarBarf and International Espionage! Jerry Casale rants with The Spudboys! And there’s even a Captain Beefheart cover, added just BEFORE we learned of the recent death of that great BulldadArtist.

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Peace Revolution #14 & 15


Episode014: The Premiere of DMT / The Spirit Molecule / by Mitch Schultz

Episode015: Compassionate Communication / How to Mitigate Conflict in our Thoughts

Episode #166 – Human Resources

Episode #167 – Social Engineering and You

Episode #168 – 2009 Video Archive

media monarchy episode199 w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money’

“it’s the true believers that crash & burn” on the 199th episode of media monarchy w/ black magic money, mercury fillings & serial killings – newspurge suicides & deathbed conversions + an in-studio interview w/ tracy twyman on ‘the alchemy of money & the “connections between economics & ghastly rituals from the past that include child sacrifice, eating human flesh & bathing in blood” – salary sounds by jarvis cocker & the andrews sisters and so much more…

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media monarchy episode198b


history got even & it all worked out the best” on episode198b of media monarchy w/ the latest alternative news from corbett report & ground zero – manufactured dissent & strategic partnersnitch in the cyber/space\war – bankruptcy & shopping guides on food world order + judas music from !!! and tons more…

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Medieval Climate Change, ObamaCare Unconstitutional, Gootube Censorship

Episode #058 – Meet Carroll Quigley

Date/Duration: 10/05 /2008 /1:02:08

Description: This week we hear from Carroll Quigley and G. Edward Griffin about a secret society created by Rhodes to spread the British Empire around the world…which is still at work, attempting to set up a world government administered by bankers.

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The Corbett Report

broken trust: wall street’s dead end

here is media monarchy’s interview w/ richard grove of … download part1 & part2 from … hi-quality versions are available on w/ more versions on the way … also thanks to 9/11 blogger for helping spread this important work.

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Episode #165 – How to Talk to Others

Date/Duration: 12/13/2010 – 55:05
Description: From 9/11 truth to the banking hoax, from murder and cover-up to the eugenicists best laid plans, The Corbett Report has covered some incredible information over the years…but how to pass this information on to friends, family and strangers? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we attempt to overcome the failure to communicate by examining some examples of effective communication.
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