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Wikileaks & Ipatriot Act, People v Banksters, Censored Stories

Welcome to another important episode from New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in alternative news & open-source intel. This week:

Story #1: WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify ‘Internet Patriot Act’

NWNW Flashback: WikiLeaks + MSM Hype = ?

Thanks to Brasscheck TV

Story #2: Scheme to Create Run on Global Banking System Fails

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Story #3: Exclusive Clip from Our ‘Top Censored Stories’

Background: More on Forthcoming DVD from Corbett Report

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ground zero lounge: turn me on dead man

from clyde lewis: If you want to have your mind blown about the Beatles, Charles Manson, and the number 9 this show will most definitely do it.   Recorded in front of a live audience and produced by Mike Smith “Turn me On Dead Man” is a show dedicated the possibility of traumatic mind control, conditioning, predictive programming, and corrupt leadership that washed the 1960’s with drugs, blood, and turmoil.  Please Pay attention to the details of the “police state” predictions, the racial tensions and other issues and how a year ago they wer just boiling and now it seems the police state and racial tensions are at the forefront in the mainstream news.Was there a small group of controllers who used the Beatles and Charles Manson as tools for a failed race war? Is the reconditioning happening all over again? Find out by watching and downloading this remarkable show.


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ground zero live: revelation #9 – the murder of john lennon

from clyde lewis: John Lennon was more than just a dead hippie rock star. He was more than Michael Jackson or Cobain. His background is far more complex and probably a bit darker and tragic than the people would allow themselves to comprehend. This makes his murder more intriguing than just a mere drug overdose, or alleged suicide. It goes far beyond the story of a crazed lone nut gunman. It has many loose ends that will continue to be investigated. Icon’s of history, have histories that when uncovered can paint quite a different picture than the one framed by the mainstream narrative.


ground zero: cryptical mass

with thanks to zero point radio & ground zero tv
from clyde lewis: On October 31st, 2010, using a radio similar to “Frank’s Box, a wire cable into a sound board, broadcasting 100,000 watts of power though an FM transmitter and relaying it through a computer to an AM transmitter in Wyoming blasting 50,000 watts of power, I along with Jonathan Burgess, Reed McClintock, and David John Oates successfully contacted and received communications from unknown voices on the air…. On Sunday November 7th, 2010, one week after the first attempt we try again to see if we can duplicate what we have done. If we hear the same activity we heard on Halloween we hope that it is newsworthy and of merit for investigators who have been trying to improve their communications with the other side.