FBI Tree Bomber, Gov’t vs Internet, Food “Safety” Act – New World Next Week

Welcome back to the New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy that gives you the text, context & subtext on the stories that matter. This week:

Story #1: Portland ‘Tree Bomber Plot’ Brings Homegrown Terronoia to Oregonhttp://ur1.ca/2heasRelated: Glenn Greenwald on the FBI’s ‘Missing Tapes’http://ur1.ca/2gz9xRelated: Will Portland Rejoin Joint Terrorism Task Force?http://ur1.ca/2heay
Story #2: Government Seizes Domains Alleged to Infringe Copyrighthttp://ur1.ca/2heb1Related: Why Hasn’t the Govt Seized the Domain Name WikiLeaks.org?http://ur1.ca/2heb3

Story #3: Despite Massive Protests, Senate Passes ‘Food Safety Bill’http://ur1.ca/2heb6Related: Hapless Senator Admits Obvious: Political Process a Rigged Gamehttp://ur1.ca/2heb9
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