January 2011

Julian Assange the Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year

There is no question that the documents, cables and e-mails released by WikiLeaks are genuine; they are. Yet questions surround the site and its most visible figurehead, Julian Assange. Even if the the information is genuine, is it complete? Is there undisclosed cherry-picking of the data to support some hidden agenda? Is the site an intel agency honey-pot intended to lure and entrap would-be leakers?

And what of the mysterious Mr. Assange? Will he be derailed by trumped-up rape charges? And what about his unusual childhood in an Australian cult commune? Could the cult have been part of an MKULTRA-style mind control experiment?

In this issue of The Creek we investigate WikiLeaks from many angles, including articles from both champions and critics of the site (see WikiLeaks spread on pages 4-5). And we hear from Mr. Assange himself (interview on p. 3).

Whatever you think of WikiLeaks or Assange, the information they have released has dominated the news for weeks and will likely resonate for months and years to come. For dominating the hard news like no one else, we name Julian Assange the Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year.

via January 2011 issue of The Rock Creek Free Press Newspaper